Pounds To Naira Black Market Rate Today- See CBN & Aboki Rate

Do you want to converts from Pounds To Naira in the black market? The British Pounds is one of the most exchanged currencies in the black market alongside the Euros and Dollars.

The Abokis is where you can exchange your Pounds to naira and each state in the country has its own Bureau De Change Office. On this page, we will state both the black market and CBN rate for Pounds presently also, we will update our readers regularly as the rates are very volatile.

There are two types of rates used in conversion namely black market and CBN rate. The black market rate is more volatile compared to that of the CBN.

Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate

What Is The Pounds(£) To Naira(₦) Black Market Rate Today?

Today(February 02, 2024), the black market selling rate is 1845 while the buying rate is 1835. This implies that if you have around 200£, you would be given the naira equivalent of ₦369,000 while you will need ₦367,000 to obtain that same amount from the Abokis.

Pounds to Naira (GBP to NGN)Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate1845
Buying Rate1835

Pounds(£) To Naira(₦) CBN Rate Today?

The CBN selling rate is 1790 while the buying rate is 1789. The data can be obtained from the CBN currency page here cbn.gov.ng/rates/exchratebycurrency.asp

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