Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today February 03, 2024(AbokiFx)

See the Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today- Many who deal with Forex in Nigeria would love to know the black market rate because this is where dollars are usually swapped. The black market rate(Abokis Rate) is better when compared to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s rate hence the reason why most people prefer to use it to swap dollars. Over the past few months, the price of the dollar and other top currencies in demand like Pounds and Euros have seen drastic changes on a daily basis hence the reason why people need to be updated on a daily basis on the amount.

Right here on this page, we are going to provide information on the Dollar to Naira Black Market rates in addition to the Central Bank of Nigeria[CBN] rate. There have been plans to make the CBN Rate equal to the black market rate recently hence you might not see much difference compared to before.

Dollar To Naira Black Market Rate Today(February 03, 2024)

Before we continue, it’s important to note that the black market rate is not steady as there is no regulatory body this implies that the Black market rate in Abuja might be different from the one in Lagos or Uyo. The black market also known as the parallel market is available in all states in Nigeria and from our research, the rate today(February 03, 2024) is ₦1450 while the buying rate is ₦1440.

Selling Rate₦ 1450
Buying Rate₦ 1440

This implies that if you want to sell or convert your dollars to naira with Abokis, the rate ₦1410 would be used while if you’re intending to get dollars with naira, the rate ₦1405 would be used. The table below outlines the dollar-to-naira black market rates today

Dollar To Naira CBN Rate Today(February 01, 2024)

The selling rate as obtained from the CBN Exchange rates page is ₦1414 for Selling rate while the buying rate is ₦1413. Drop your questions below if you have any questions also, let us know the rate in your area today in the comment section.


The black market rate is still constant compared to yesterday while the CBN rate is yet to change. The black market rate has been on an increase over the past few days with some sellers in Binance selling for atleast ₦1449.

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